Keeping it real …

So wasn’t fully sure what to write about this week but saw something on twitter that got me annoyed and normally I don’t reply to things but this I had to strongly disagree with.

Have also seen other things like so and so created whatever theory while in a lockdown.  However, think folk just need to step back and think. Is it really necessary to judge what you do or don’t do during this time? I for one don’t plan anything major other than trying to look after my daughters and my mental health (and make sure my  family/friends/students are doing fine too online). I am disciplined but my mental health is important too and I need to look after that in order for me to be well to undertake my day to day tasks (THAT TAKES REAL DISCIPLINE) I am also still working from home which involves a lot more to ensure my students are still getting what they need.

My day to day life before all this began was not easy but I was getting there with the help of family, friends and work. Now all the normality and routine has been taken away from me and while I’m not back at square 1, I am having good and bad days and trying my best to make the most of it.  Thankful for still being able to get out for my daily walk  Working from home does have it’s challenges but I do enjoy connecting with my students when possible. For me its all about the routine of getting up and heading out to work  then getting stuck in rush hour on the way home again that part I miss and it makes work a bit more difficult from home as part of the motivation has gone. I am supported though thankfully by my colleagues who I mean we are all in the same position at home working away doing the best we can and needless to say a few bad jokes and memes keep the laughs up.  

If anyone has any good tips on how they are keeping their routine please share.

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