CPR for everyone

Since those awful events from Saturdays football match have been widely discussed over the weekend and so many have been sharing this image ( sorry don’t know where it originated from just seen it a lot on Facebook and can’t find a reference for it). However anyway its triggered a lot for me and I thought I share my views with you.  (Trigger Warning this post may cause upset with the content).

CPR was something that I actually remember being taught in P7 many many moons ago. I remember us getting the dummy in class and having to give mouth to mouth and do chest compressions. Its something you never think about though because well it’ll never be needed right? Or there are first aiders about right? I mean for me in any place of work there’s always been someone qualified and granted I’ve never had to deal with anything serious though once had to call for a first aider but was able to put the person in recovery position until help arrived.  Another time was more mama instinct kicked in and I was at a gig with my oldest who was about 15 at the time and a similar aged girl fainted right beside us – well it was the SECC and the floor was like packed totally. Weird instinct took over and I literally hauled this kid up and carried her to first aid (basically was that or her get trampled over by everyone around as no one was really paying attention – bear in mind I’m the height of nothing myself lol weird how the adrenaline gets you though. My thought was well if that was my daughter I would sure hope someone would notice.

Have done a lot of joking about first aid as my youngest daughter probably spent more time with the first aider in primary than most (and in fairness learnt a lot – granted if she wasn’t as accident prone she’d not have been in there half as much). So she’s quite well versed in bumps and scrapes. I mean all of my girls have had bumps and scrapes (and a few A & E visits) all part of childhood and you get used to being able to treat them but that’s super basic first aid.

The serious stuff is something I’ve never considered until I was faced head on with it in January without any warning whatsoever it was thrust upon me. I found my 21 year old daughter unconscious and during a frantic 999 call was talked through what I had to do – I have to say the person on the other end of the phone kept me going so much and was able to instruct me clearly. Adrenaline is a strange thing for sure and well autopilot as well I guess. Now we are in a unique position where I live in that we also have a defibrillator in our area thanks to the efforts of one young man who went to a lot of effort to raise funds to ensure the community centre had one for the residents. He is my hero. My oldest daughter was able to go get it but by luck the emergency crews arrived at the same time she did and took over everything. Not going to lie that was forever the longest 10 minutes of my life but my only focus was on doing what the operator was instructing me to do.

My girl had to be moved while still getting CPR overall it was a long time between start of call and finally speaking to someone at the hospital after we had moved (45 minutes). Due to other complications that had caused the arrest – she was seriously ill which was something none of us actually knew and neither did she, my girl was on life support for a day before we had to say goodbye.  I cannot fault the NHS emergency services who did everything they could and that person on the other end of the phone thank you for keeping me calm enough to do what I had to do.

Things brings me back round though to the original point seeing everyone talk about CPR this weekend really hit home with me. I’ve seen folk say it should be taught in schools and I agree for sure after all I know it was done when I was at school. More than that though I think we should all know about it  – most of us will never ever need to put it into practice but its well worth knowing.

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