A song for everything

Decided to save this post until after mental health week because our mental health is important 24/7.  I get it raises awareness and we are still trying to overcome that stigma COME ON people its 2021 we all have mental health just some folk have better mental health than others and I think that’s where the thinking needs to change.  Mental health is not just being depressed/anxious etc but I guess that’s what we associate it with all the negative things and in reality we need to be looking after it in order to help ourselves.

I’ve been blogging on and off for just around a year now on my own mental health and the issues I’ve faced over the past 18 months. Its been an epic journey and one I could not have done on my own for sure. One thing that spurred me to write this post though was a wee delivery I had last week.

Yup that’s vinyl (old school music for the young un’s) but I bought it because it’s a song that was on my playlist that I used when it was lunchtime at work and I went for my walk. Although still working  from home when I was physically at work I used to go out for walks every lunch time just to clear my head – it helped me when I was most anxious as well just to go for a walk and put my music on.  

I do love my music, though do have a very varied taste and there very much is a song for every occasion yes there is!

However this wee playlist was songs that just chilled me and made me feel better some worked really well with the whole breathing technique for calming down from an anxiety attack (TFC Fallin worked in sync almost with the app on my watch!)

I know how powerful music can be loved being part of the Playlist for Life project where I got to work with schools to help prototype an app for dementia patients.  The pupils did some research into user interfaces and how best to categorise music/songs for patients. It was great though to get the pupils thinking about just how much music can be a big part of life and how little things can evoke certain memories (we all have a song or two that does that for sure).

Have also been learning more about audio in games probably something I’ve taken for granted previously hoping to get our games students working with the music students at college (COVID so far has put a stop to that but we are still hopeful one day to connect our students) given after all we are both creative industries. So its been fab to connect with Wee Studios who yes (Keith Morrision look away now and don’t read – but I’m unashamedly bit of a fan since they produced one of my fave Scottish bands music yup the P & D – Peat and Diesel yes I’m a Peatlemaniac). OK Keith’s way more than P & D,  and hoping to connect him with our students next year as well to look at games audio.

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