Anxious but looking forward

Decided since I’m going to be at home more to start blogging again. The past 2 weeks have been awful uncertain and difficult to say the least for everyone and leaving my workplace today for an indefinite amount of time was overwhelming to say the least. As someone though who suffers from Anxiety and Depression this has set me back a fair bit. I was diagnosed in August 2019 and through close support from my GP, family and friends and a few fab colleagues at work (there are lots of fab folk I work with I should add I just chose to tell those who needed to know) I had started to get things back on track. Xmas was hard being away from the routine for a couple of weeks but now the uncertainty of how long I’m going to be away from work has this week really dawned on me I have struggled with that as my physical workplace was out of the house and interacting with my colleagues as well as teaching my students.

I am now going to have to adapt (as are we all) and I’m going to try make this a positive experience rather than let it overtake me  and I’d just like to take this time to remind us all that we need to look after each other. Outside of our immediate family life, we naturally will be worrying about those we teach, but we also need to look out for our colleagues and ensure we keep in touch with each other as well.  The support I have had has been crucial in keeping me going especially in the workplace.

I understand my mental health a lot better now and have strategies in place granted that went out the window this week. But I will get back to it. I have been loathed until now to share my issues with a wider community but feel that its important that we start talking about it and ensuring that we look after our mental health as best we can, I know more than ever I am going to need the support to see me through.  

I am going to be doing what I can to keep me and my 3 awesome daughters going (2 uni students and 1 in 4th year of school) and also supporting my students online as well as anyone else who will be needing it. Happy to help any of my colleagues with advice on online working and various collaborative methods. As well as offering online help in my local community for those who need it (probably via my @CoderRoyston twitter).

#bekind should not just be for a day or when something big happens we need to #bekindalways you never know what the person next to you is going through and you may just be that one to help with a kind action or words.

4 thoughts on “Anxious but looking forward

  1. Awesome Amanda, thats you.
    Only ever a phone call or email away.

    My garden will be my happy place, even if it rains. It’s what got me through my dark times.

    Might be phoning you for flipguard and Zoom advice X

    1. Much appreciated and I’m hapoy to help have started making some videos which I’ll be sharing soon x

  2. Hi Amanda, I haven’t spoken to you for a while. As you know, I’ve had my own issues. It’s very true what you have said about not knowing what others may be going through. You were very kind to me by offering an listening ear when I was trying to ‘hold it all together.’ It’s very brave of you but also extremely important to be able to share your experience as your message will reach others that are feeling alone with their troubles, and realise that they’re not alone. Talking has been my saviour. Speak soon lady. ❤️

    1. Angela thank you for your words, I am sorry for not being in touch sooner this all happened around the same time and I was trying my best to focus on getting better. I hope that others will realise just how important listening to each other is and I hope that more folk will appreciate the difficulties that come with anxiety and depression. Speak soon x

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