Easter coding fun

Its been such a long time since I’ve been able to run a coding club for children and thankfully during the Easter break I was given that opportunity thanks to funding from Digital Xtra I was along with my colleague Sean able to run a 3 day club for Renfrewshire children at our games lab in the Paisley campus.

The club was run to introduce children in the Renfrewshire area between Primary 5 and S2 to some gaming and coding in a fun environment. On day 1 we made games with Scratch, there were varying levels of knowledge given the range of ages however all the children got a game made by the end of the session. We were lucky enough to have been given funding to provide lunches each day for the participants which yes we know can be a barrier for sure for children attending.

Day 2 saw us do some storytelling with Twine this was by far the most popular day the children loved creating a chose your own adventure story in twine. We wrote out the basics first and then they used Twinery online. The children were then given a chance to create something else in Twine or make a short joke animation in Scratch which you can watch here and one or two continued to make their morning Twine story more elaborate. You can read and enjoy their stories by following this link

On the last day we made music with Microbit and made some Makey Makey game controllers. Another good session with the microbits and the children created music for the Microbit one or two of the older children created their own tunes as they played piano. The Makey Makey session they were put in to groups and got to test out various material/objects to see what would control the keyboard for the game.

To end the club the parents were invited along for the last 30 minutes to get an idea of what their children had been doing and this was relatively successful with most children having a parent or family member show up so they could show off things they had made.

For me this was such a good way to finally get back into running a club for children and I can’t wait to get more done for sure seeing how this group worked together and helped each other made it worthwhile and seeing some children totally flourish was for me the best. Though I’ll leave you with this best bit of feedback from one of the kids which made me realise yes I’ve done the right thing and they will remember this for sure.

Thank you DigitalXtra for this opportunity.

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