Thanks Brain

So I’ve finally found a bit of strength and got to looking at some of my Melanies files on her laptop and found a beautiful poem she wrote about Jim Cronin from Monkey World which I’ll make another special post for. However the opening line of “there once was a dream” made me think about something I’ve been involved in for the past 6 months namely Scottish Games Week which kicks off on Monday.

Why is this even relevant you ask well SGW is the brainchild of the one and only Brian Baglow (or the brian child of Brain Baglow who knows). Brian’s a friend and his dream of making our amazing Scottish games industry stand up and be noticed as the amazing creative industry it is by the world is getting there. SGW is his way of showcasing what we have to offer and he roped in his friends to help him make it happen. His passion and energy and hard work to make this happen (with a few nudges and telling offs from his merry band Friday lunches wont be the same without our group Zoom calls) are what’s going to make next week so amazing. Although Monday/Tuesdays events are sold out there are still a few tickets for the industry conference on Thursday/Friday left and if you use this link you can get a special discount on them.

So thank you Mr B for being you and pushing on championing Scottish Games. Next week is going to be EPIC thanks to you and your vision. I can’t wait to start planning next years after you’ve had a wee break. You inspire me to want to ensure that I make the education network for games the best it can be so we can make everything games in Scotland pure dead brilliant.

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