Welcome to the “new normal”

Been a while since I’ve posted but I’ve been taking time out away from things and getting myself ready for the new academic year. Which at the moment we are doing online.

Ahh #WFH (Working From Home) has been a popular hashtag over the past 6 months as is the phrase “new normal”. To many it many it may seem like the ideal situation. Stuck at home having to work oh no whatever shall I do. Roll out of bed in my pj’s and get to work. No M8 rush hour anymore, no queues no nothing!

For me its not ideal I sorely miss the whole routine of getting stuck on the M8 on my way home as frustrating as it was I’d give anything to be back crawling at 5mph. I miss the getting my spot in the car park (yup I’m a Sheldon) but in fairness I park in the furthest away point – easier to get out hehe – does get my step count up as well though. Most importantly I miss the interactions whether that’s getting my Caramel Latte from the coffee pod (my heroes especially on a Friday afternoon those guys totally rock) passing by and reading whatever Morag’s written on her wee noticeboard on her door (secretly we know what she wants to write) or just having chats with colleagues I pass on the way to my staffroom. Seems daft but you get to know all the ins and outs of the place and that is a thing to miss. Best thing about my work everyone has time for even just a quick chat no matter who.

Totally miss tea break in my staff room with bad jokes aplenty yes you know who you are and just random chats with all of my colleagues. In fairness I really just miss walking about my class. At home you are stuck in front of the screen when teaching. When I first spoke of my anxiety, I then only let a couple of folk know as I just wanted to get on with things. However, those folk were totally instrumental in keeping me grounded until we had to finish up for lockdown. Those interactions were priceless and I will admit it really isn’t the same being online. I’m sure I could very well have those same chats but there’s something about being online that just makes it feel much more intrusive and it really shouldn’t but it does.

The thing I miss most though? Being in front of my class. I love teaching and seeing my students progress. When lockdown was first implemented it was hard but we got through it as we had by then built that lecturer/student relationship and we knew each other so conversations were a lot easier.  However now that the new term has started its been a bit different with new classes. Yes we have the returning students who are aware of how things work but we also have the new students who also must find this strange too. Not to detract from returning students who were also thrust into this new way of teaching/learning and coped admirably with it. I mean I teach HNC Games for graded unit which if you aren’t aware is a team project. I had 8 teams between my 2 classes and block 3 is when they make the game. I was so proud to have 8 games at the start of June – my teams worked admirably together despite the restrictions. Teamwork can be difficult (I’ve been there won’t lie as a student it’s a thing I think we all fear). But to do teamwork virtually? Make a game virtually? Yeah I’m super proud and these guys will go far with that experience.

Normally the first few weeks are getting to know you time – online that is a lot harder if students don’t have their cameras on or talk on mic. Even the profile pic if that’s not changed leaves you teaching to a bunch of initials on camera – at least the students know who I am if anything. I understand why things have to be the way they are for now and I am adapting but I really can’t wait to get back into my class and seeing everyone for real! Being a lecturer is everything to me and seeing my students progress means the world.

This academic year will be different, but it doesn’t mean I will be different. I will still be there to do my best for my students no matter what obstacles are put in our way. My job is to ensure students succeed and I’ll uphold that to the best of my abilities.

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